Monday, December 12, 2011

Sculpture is go!

Today we put our school sculpture - just in time for the arts festival! Rose and Emily's prototypes were selected as our final designs and Mr White came in to help us with the metal bending and drilling.

What do you think of our final product? Make sure you ask the children what it represents and the key elements involved.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Great Orange Challenge is on!

Today we started planning for our Measuring Oranges project - we'll be doing the fun part this Wednesday. Each team of three has been challenged to find a fun, creative and mathematical way to measure an orange. We have to plan, measure, record and post a reflection on our class blog.

This is something my class did last year and it's an excellent way to test all the skills we've been learning this year - co-operative skills, team work, measurement skills, blog posting, video / photo taking, graphing and just 'getting into it.'

Here are some of the measurements Great Eight are planning;

Robbie, Tim, Andrew, Logan - How many poc marks are there on the surface of an orange?
Cameron, Mac, Kes - How far can you fire an orange in a homemade slingshot?
Olivia, Jaidene, Simone - What distance an orange will splat when dropped off our playground fort?
Sophie, Gabby, Emma - how much juice does an orange need to loose before it can float?
Karen, Sophie, Kaitlyn - What's the best method to juice an orange?
Liam, Travis, Zach - How far can we shoot an orange from a pipe shotgun?
Aleisha, Ruby B - How long can we make an orange stay airborne using human forces?

This should be fun! - Watch this space, after Wednesday for the posts to come...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Highlights Mag - so far!

Crazy Class!

What do you think of our crazy class photo?