Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Great Orange Challenge is on!

Today we started planning for our Measuring Oranges project - we'll be doing the fun part this Wednesday. Each team of three has been challenged to find a fun, creative and mathematical way to measure an orange. We have to plan, measure, record and post a reflection on our class blog.

This is something my class did last year and it's an excellent way to test all the skills we've been learning this year - co-operative skills, team work, measurement skills, blog posting, video / photo taking, graphing and just 'getting into it.'

Here are some of the measurements Great Eight are planning;

Robbie, Tim, Andrew, Logan - How many poc marks are there on the surface of an orange?
Cameron, Mac, Kes - How far can you fire an orange in a homemade slingshot?
Olivia, Jaidene, Simone - What distance an orange will splat when dropped off our playground fort?
Sophie, Gabby, Emma - how much juice does an orange need to loose before it can float?
Karen, Sophie, Kaitlyn - What's the best method to juice an orange?
Liam, Travis, Zach - How far can we shoot an orange from a pipe shotgun?
Aleisha, Ruby B - How long can we make an orange stay airborne using human forces?

This should be fun! - Watch this space, after Wednesday for the posts to come...


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