- Business Application

This term we are starting Jiboo - our own class economy and market days on Fridays. This (for parents and anyone else who think I may be going a little crazy) is a money literacy programme that helps us learn about finance, marketing, collaboration, creativity and self responsibility - but really... it's a whole lot of fun!   It always proves to be a wonderful ‘real world’ opportunity to put what we learn into practise – especially the Key Competencies which are an important part of our school curriculum.

Jiboo has been developed from a similar programme that Terri Currie, a teacher at Riverdale School in Palmerston North, invented and has developed over many moons and with the help of her many students.

Our class will be forming businesses, growing bank accounts and applying for and taking on jobs that will help Jibboo run smoothly.

The currancy for Jibboo is called 'Snidges' eg. 'That will cost 25 snidges to buy.'  You are encouraged to form a business with some friends, develop a product and sell that product at the Jibbo market on Fridays - 12pm till lunch.  All Jibboo activity is carried out outside of class time, except for the Jibboo Market.

There are taxes that each business must pay out of their profits after each market
- Sugar tax (90%)
- Gambling tax (50%)
- NZ dollar tax (90%) - if you buy a product with NZ dollars and don't change the product to the satisfaction of the Tax Manager.

Here is a link to some pictures and even a video of some businesses and the bank I have had running in previous classes. - Rm12 Blog site.

I'm sure that the Jibboo programme this year will be a huge hit and we'll all learn alot!  Watch out for upcoming photos and news on our blog page!