Homework Information!

**Remember - the following is not compulsory but an opportunity for you to continue your learning at home.   This is for each family to decide and use as much or as little as suits them.

We have started  a trial of the 'Edmodo' networking tool for schools.  This is a way for teachers, students and parents to communicate outside of school hours.  I'm thinking that, at this stage, we will use it to keep connected about our Jibboo programme and other homework tasks.

Read the Edmodo presentation, created by some students in the U.S.A.  You may want to join us, as a parent.  Please email me if you have any other questions.

1. Work on the step not yet climbed
         - use the Basic Facts  Links blog to practise
         - get your family to test you
         - use some home made flash-cards
2.  See Mr Herring for a quick test when you think you're ready
3.  Climb one step on our success ladder when you've passed
4.  Work on the next step

Here's an online copy of the ladder and our Basic Facts Blog with lots of practice games!

1.  Find at least 12 words to learn each week and write them in your homebooks.
          - 6 from your own writing
          - 6 from your Rocket list
2.  Learn them by writing them into sentences and 'look, cover and copy'.
3.  Have a buddy test every Friday

1.  Have a book you enjoy reading.
2.  Spend 15 minutes (at least) reading after school night. 
3.  Record your reading in your homebook reading log

           Other options...
 - organise and prepare your Jibboo business with your business partners
 - write on your blog and comment on others
 - work on your personal investigation  (We'll be starting these at a later date)