Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jibboo Highlights - Week 10 T2

Here are some photos from a very impressive Market day for our Jibbo programme. Jibboo is a money literacy project that is worked on in the student's free time all week but has a market day every Thursday for 30 minutes.

It's focussed on teaching the students 'real life' lessons about money, businesses, employment and working with others - but it's also a time where every curriculum area comes together in one! We have an advertising time at the start of every market day that involves oral and visual language skills! One benefit of the project is the amount of growth the students experience from being self motivated and independent. Thanks to all the parents who help their students at home with some amazing, creative ideas!
Kaitlyn and Emma are selling jelly treats. There is a sugar tax so they've created some products sugar free.
Jack, Mac and Cameron are selling chocolate dipped fruit. They'll get taxed 90% for the sugar content and our Tax Officers will have to work that one out!
Benjamin's managing our bank. There are lots of people waiting to withdraw 'snidges' from their accounts.
Sophie and Sean are busking beside the bank. They think they've made 'heaps' because they've strategically placed themselves near where people are walking around with cash - beside the bank!


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