Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Force of Attraction - Matter and Method

Today we dug deeper into the big ideas of what matter is and how we can find out using the scientific method.

We've been learning about solids, liquids and gases and what makes them different. Sophie has been able to draw and explain what is different about the atoms in each form of matter.Next we wanted to have a go at putting the scientific method into action - observe, question, hypothesis,test, review and explain. We observed a glass of water that was fill to the top. Next we wondered what would happen if we added a little bit more water to the glass. Would it spill over or would the water stay on the top? We were divided on the answer.

Here's a picture of what happened when we tested our hypothesis.
We saw that the water formed a kind of bubble on the top. We kept adding very small amounts of water and the curved water grew with it until at last it spilled over. Here's our Cause and effect map - a butterfly thinking tool.

We were able to see that the atoms have a 'force of attraction' that kept them holding onto each other - until there was too much weight and gravity pulled them over the edge. Our thinking box helped us gather our thoughts and create a definition / description of what was happening.

Stay tuned for some amazing science in our independent 'tri teams' - coming up next week!


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