Monday, September 19, 2011

Efolio Spotlight - Benjamin

Here's our first efolio spotlight! This is where we put one of our 'efolios' in the spotlight and have a look at what makes it shine.

This efolio, by Benjamin, has all the things we have been working on! He has some reflective posts that cover the 'what, so-what and now-what' steps, he's embeded his animation and he some images to break up the text. I also like the way his posts are easy to read and 'mostly' well G.S.P.I'd.

Great work, Benjamin - keep shining!


Ben and Blake said...

really cool persistance videos! We think elmo is cool. We liked it because it will show people to never give up. We also liked kaitlyns page because it had alot of writing to do with your learning.

By Ben & Blake GBS2

paddy and mitchell gbs2:);) said...

I like how it looks like a movie not an anamation
I think the music makes it more exciting!!!!!!
if you could remake you should make it longer

Mitchell & paddy gbs2

Liam said...

Hi I really like your efolios
I looked a benjman and travis,s efolio
I have some coments for travis

We like the story you wrote it's intresting.
We also like how you have shared your learning.

What were you learning when you wrote your story?
Something you could work on is your punctuation,especially using speach marks correctly.
gbs2 Liam

Anonymous said...

hi gage here from super 7 scoopers i like your lego movies and your blog is very cool

Anonymous said...

This is a message for Robert about his post about ipod or Psp.
I like the writing it is really good and long.
I would of picked ipod.

From Scooper Callum.

Anonymous said...

Hi From Scooper Flynn this comment is to cameron's blog but it wouldn't work.

I like cameron's blog because it does not have lots of widgets.

Scooper George said...

Hi I'm Scooper George,
our E-folio spotlight is very cool, Well done Benjamin!!!
The Blog looks excellent.
Cool T.V. channel!!!
Keep the posts coming!!!
Keep It Up,

Scooper George. B-)

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