Monday, September 19, 2011

Persistence -Habits of Mind

Can we make a persistence video like this?

These are the things we think make it a great film / video
- framing - not too much space above the heads (face is in the top third)
- the shot was in the same space, lets the viewer see the 'things' moving, not the camera
- the camera is still
- humour draws in the viewer and keeps attention
- speaker knew what he was going to say
- easy to hear his words and sound effects

Next we had 10 minutes to see if each team could create their own persistence video that meets the criteria. Here's our best effort!


Scooper Oliver said...

Hello awesome blog I like the picture of your classroom. Your heading looks like it would have been a challenge to make. I would like to see your T.V show live some time.


Scooper Oliver

ScooperElla said...

I really like your blog. I really like the banner and the side panel with all the links. I also like the lego animation videos. The video with David Beckham and Elmo is cool. Elmo is so cute! I really like the efolios as well.
Keep it up

Scooper Caitlin said...

Hi from the Super 7 Scoopers!
I like the picture of your classroom, it looks really cool!
We've done animations before and they're really tricky to make, so good job!
I like the persistent idea, it sound interesting.

Keep up the great work,

SuperMeleana SuperMaddy said...

We love the photo of the class room including the tree,what is the tree made out of? and your blog is not cluttered :D :)

Alex and Joseph said...

We like the videos you do because it teaches us easily and they're cool.

We also like the students efolios because now we know what you're up to.

Can you add more to the home page?

From Alex and Joseph (gbs2)

Paris said...

To the great eight
I like the persistence video you made. I also liked the David Beckham video Elmo is cute !

What is the thing that looks like a tree on your desks ? :D


Lachlan said...

Hi Great eight class
I really enjoyed your video about persistence.It showed me to never give up. I also really liked your descriptive writing. It sounded great.
A thing you might like to try is for every one to update there blogs every day.
From Lachlan Grants Braes School Room 2.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Scooper Flynn I really like your blog a lot :)!

I like how your blog does not have that much widgets on your blog I think your blog is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi its Scooper William here,
I love your Blog because you don't have much unlike other Blogs we have seen in the past.

From Scooper William

Scooper Lusia said...

I love your blog. I like the way you have not put up lots of widgets so it is not all busy. I like how you keep your blog updated so it is not all old news.
Keep it up

Scooper Lusia

Anonymous said...

I like that you show what you learned. I like your lego movies. I like your picture of your class.

Scooper Bobby.

Hannah & Gracie (Ruma Tahi) said...

We Loved the David Beckham & Elmo video
Its really cool how you made your own videos Can you put up the rest of them please

Hannah & Gracie (Ruma Tahi)

Anonymous said...

we really like the Elmo video to keep on tiring and never give up and we also like the video you guys made like the Elmo video.
From Eden and Lynley from ruma tahi

Scooper Nick said...

Can you please pass this comment on to Sean.

It's Scooper Nick
I'm your blogging buddy.

Your style and layout of your blog is really cool. Also your posts have really good length and detail. My wish for you is for you to put a couple more widgets on your page.

Scooper Caitlin said...

Hi Simone!
Sorry, I can't comment on your blog so I'm commenting here instead.
I like the spring pictures- the look really nice!
I also liked your story, maybe you could add some pictures?

Don't stop typing,
Caitlin :D

Scooper Oliver said...

Hello this comment is for Kees. I can see you like swimming you must be very good at it to seeing that you made it to south zones. You should cheek your last posts tittle for mistakes.


Scooper Oliver

Anonymous said...

Hi guys i'm Caleb from the scoopers .I am really looking forward to blogging with you.
form the scooper Caleb. :)

Anonymous said...

I like your Blog it is really cool.
It is full of writing and maths.
I also like the lego animation.

From Scooper Callum

Anonymous said...

wow your blog is awsome!!!
I like how you have the daily puppy
and the motorbike back round!!!
my two stares and a wish is that you wrote more about
what you've been doing and my 2 stares is that youre fish at the top
and your groovy backround from scooper connor
to:ben W

Scooper Nick said...

It's Scooper Nick.

I think that your blog looks really awesome. I really like the variety of posts that you have put up. It would really appeal to a lot of different people.
My wish would have to be to take a couple of widgets off because you have real heap.

Scooper Megan said...

Hi its Megan from the super7scoopers
Sorry I cant comment on your blog so Im going to comment to you from here I like your fish they are really cool and cute. I also like your fish clock it is really awesome. some thing you could improve on would be to get a calender that you can see the writing on.

From Megan

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm super7 scooper scott and I've hada look at your blog and its great I'm loving it and really love this movie its great I've really had a good time good basket ball shooting. But need to be more interesting but still good, so thats all good and keep it up!

This work is going to make me better and learn from you!
From scooper scott!

Anonymous said...

hey Liam!
sorry i cant comment on your blog. thats cool about the candle. i didn't know that. your blog is really cool.

scooper Lucas :-)

ScooperChristie said...

Hi it's Scooper Christie
Your blog is great!!
i really like the picture of your class!!
Sophie W i could'nt post a comment so i'll post it here.
it's a great goal for the term!
all you need to do on your blog is change the colour of your font because it's hard to read.
From ScooperChristie

Scooper Maddy said...

Sorry I cant comment on your blog so Im going to comment to you here your blog is awesome.
I like your background they are my favourite lollie!!!
star:its not cluttered
star:I like your fish
wish: get more stuff

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