Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Equations

Yesterday we played a game where you had to think of some creative ways to make a number. For every way you can think of that no one else thinks of you get a point. Here was our first attempt with the number 49.
Kees knew the number equation of using every operation to end up at the same point. If we multiply a number by itself, then divide it by itself, add and subtract and so on - we come back to the original number! Nice work, Kees.

We also saw how we need to put brackets around the parts of an equation with more than one operation.


scooper Avalon beker said...

Nice job on the maths. Multiply, division, plus and subtract are the main points of math and you need to know them to figure out a hard problem. Brackets are important for some equations.


Andrew and Ryan said...

Hi we are impressed with all of your maths learning it is very impressive.Brackets are good to use in some problems

From Andrew and Ryan Ruma Tahi Grant's Braes school

Anonymous said...

I like your math. A lot of ways to make 49 WOW. This is for Jack

Hi Jack you have got a AWESOME BLOG. I like the guy how says yo whats up dog your on jack awesome blog. I like the fire.
I like your lego movies. So are you going to any of the rugby world cup games.

From Tom W For Jack

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