Sunday, September 11, 2011

Olivia's Poem - Silentness

Here's a great poem that Olivia wrote durig our silent writing time. We spend 15 minutes each day writing whatever takes our fancy! She told me she sat by the door and was inspired by looking outside. Great writing, Olivia. We can almost sense the quiet while we read.

Can you hear that? It is the peace, the quiet. That is what it is .

Can you see that? It is the birds, the bees. That is what it is .

Can you feel that? It is the hug of the sun, the breeze. That is what it is.

Can you smell that? It is the fresh mowed grass, the beautiful spring roses. That it what it is .

Can you taste that? It is the rich taste of cadbury dark chocolate. That is what it is.

By Olivia Fraser


anneken said...

Olivia, What an awesome poem. I feel like I am almost there with you, seeing, hearing and feeling it all. I love that you were able to capture the whole moment with so few words! A talent indeed. Thanks for sharing with us. I would like to share that with a class I work with on Thursdays. I hope you are okay with that? I am coming to Invercargill soon and am visiting your class. Will be great to meet you all.
Mrs K

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Alex from the super 7 scoopers. I think that poem is great. It gives me a feeling of what it is like there. It is a great poem. The picture is appropriate for the poem. Scooper Alex

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