Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another First - G.E TV!

In case you missed the live viewing, here is an example of our first G.E. TV news shows. Being our first attempt we realise that there is some work for us to do! Next week we'll be reviewing our shows and working out our next steps according to our criteria.

Here is one group's show. The topic is, 'What makes our school cool?' and each group had a different category. Not a bad first effort, boys!


Scoopers, St Clair School said...

I was sorry we missed your live show - we couldn't get to our computers and there will be a post about that tomorrow to explain why if you are reading our blog. I would just like to say wow and well done! What a team to produce your first GE TV News in amongst all the other amazing things going on in your class and team - well done.

It looks like we are at a similar stage with the same kind of learning project. You see, we are the Scoopers on the look out for a news scoop and we are also learning to put together our own news channel. Perhaps we can share our progress, pitfalls and give feedback to each other over the next few weeks?

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