Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jibboo News

We have the following jobs to be appointed. Please email your Prime Minister at markherringnz@gmail.com with your application letter. You should include a brief description why you consider yourself a worthy candidate.

* Salaries indicated are weekly payments

1. Bank Manager -$30 Snidges
- organise and manage the bank and bank tellers.
- co-ordinate salary payments with Payroll Officer
- c-ordinate tax payments with Tax Officer

2. Bank Tellers (4) - $15 Snidges
- work for the Bank Manager and provide services for GE Bank

3. Business Manager $25 Snidges
- create and collect business applications
- manage property allocation for businesses
- solve potential business disputes

4. Tax Collector $20 Snidges
- Observe businesses and collect tax revenue
- Make tax payments to the GE Bank account

5. Payroll Officer $20 Snidges
- Co-ordinate week pay for GE staff with Bank Manager

6. Refuse Controller (2) $10 Snidges
- Empty rubbish bins daily
- co-ordinate future recycling projects

7. Librarian (2) $15 Snidges
- Collect, manage and return school Library books and Literature Circle books

8. Tool Kit Manager $15 Snidges
- Distribute, collect and maintain thinking tools in the tool box.

9. Sports Gear Co-ordinator (2) $15
- manage all classroom PE Gear

10. Messenger $15 Snidges
- distribute all messages around the school

11. Classroom IT Technitians (3) $20 Snidges
- Start and close all computers each day
- Manage and maintain all classroom technology

Applications close - Sunday 8th May, 9pm.
Successful applicants posted on this blog - Monday, 9th May.


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