Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jibbo Week 3

Here are some photos of today's Jibboo market place. We spend 30 minutes every Thursday selling and buying and running our businesses.

First we advertise our businesses.

Next we need to take 'Snidges' out of our bank accounts. Here's a pic of the bank in hot demand.

Then we can start selling. You can see a hairdressing business, a team selling Sushi and one selling iceblocks and fruit sticks. Watch out for the sugar tax!


Hannah said...

Jibboo is cool hey room 7 my room is doing it now it will be fun when we find out if we get the jobs or not I wanted to be bank manger and messanger I cant wait to see what I will get!!!!

Sophie and Emma did a good job with the sushi on jibboo!!!

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