Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day Challenge!

This is a huge hello to the 'Great Eight' extended family! Today was the first day of term 2 and our first day together. It was a 'getting to know each other' day and learning about how things will work. We've also spent some time talking about how the homework can happen for the year so please visit our 'homework' page for more information.

One of our activities today was to explore the things we'll need to do to have a successful year. We talked about listening more than we speak, thinking outside the square and helping each other. The second challenge, the photo below, proved to be quite difficult! We're going to have to persevere and have another go later in the week. We're also aiming to be a little more independent and to take the initiative without the teacher's direction! These are some great lessons to actually experience today.

Here's looking forward to a fantastic year!


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