Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our First Jibboo

Today we had our first business day for Jibbo. We had 6 businesses open - they had to fill in a business application and have it approved with a range of details included (including safety). After we advertised our businesses we had 25 minutes for sales.

The photos below show some of the action
- Mr Lovelock as a client at the 'Narly Nails' stand,
- Sophie's 'Pony Ride' business
- Benjamin learning what it takes to be a bank manager! - 'Phew, that's hard work...'

Here are some things we learnt from our first market day for Jibboo

- We need to charge a bit more for our product.
- We need to bring MORE product so our fruit sticks are longer.
- Always go to Kaitlyn's store - they have 'mean' hats to sell.
- The gambling tax is annoying - we need more stuf to sell so we don't get that tax.
- The bank needs to have the tellers on duty to help me. The people need to stand in a line.
- Next time I should be at my stand half the time and with the bank as a teller half the time.
- I need to make sure people get paid for their weekly jobs - Olivia.
- We need to ask people what they'd like to buy and we're going to do that. - That's called market research.


Hannah said...

Hi the jaboo sounds like fun I heard that my best friend sophie got her horse to come and the princlpal got his fingernails painted it sounds like fun. In room 7 we have money that we get to save for at the end of the year we get to spend on stuff that the teacher gets or we can use it to get out to p;lay early stuff like that but anyway I love the new room 8 bolg it is really cool!

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